Tip - NPM Packaging


Let's say we are developing a new library/module/service seperatly which has seperate repository. For example react-slider

Once you done with with development of react-slider you want to test it locally inside your application(host). For example my-ecomm-app

Assume your repos are under /Documents at same level

  / react-slider
  / my-ecomm-app

To test our react-slider locally inside my-ecomm-app we have 2 options -

  1. npm pack
  2. npm link

1. npm pack

In your react-slider repo, in your package json add scripts for packaging. For example

// package.json
"scripts": {
"build": "react-scripts build",
"prepackpackage": "npm run build",
"packpackage": "cd dist && npm pack"

then you can run

$ npm run packpackage

Once you run above command, the prepackpackage hook/script will generate build(/dist) first, then will create .tgz file from that build at path /react-silder/dist/react-silder-0.0.61.tgz

Once packpackage success, we are good to go ahead and install react-silder-0.0.61.tgz as dependancy in my-ecomm-app so that we can test it.

Now have to install that .tgz file in our host application, So copy absolute path of that .tgz file, the run below command.

$ cd my-ecomm-app
$ npm install /Users/username/Documents/react-silder/dist/react-silder-0.0.61.tgz

After this your package.json from my-ecomm-app look like

// my-ecomm-app - package.json
"dependancies": {
"react-slider": "file:../react-silder/dist/react-silder-0.0.61.tgz",

Yeah! that all what we have to do. Now you can restart/run host application again so see changes.

2. npm link

go to react-silder and run below command

$ npm link

then in my-ecomm-app

$ npm link react-silder

For more details see Understanding npm-link

Thats all!


MIT © Mohan Dere.